Our Services


Cleaning and polishing

Standard shoeshine– a basic polish can do a great deal for your shoe’s longevity and so
deserves its rightful and regular place in your wardrobe regimen.
Crease removal– this is a rare skill. Once in use your leather shoes will wrinkle over time in the
are just above the toes and make the shoes look older than they are. This problem we can solve
Sneaker and trainer cleaning– we clean your trainers’ interior and exterior, including laces.
Suede cleaning and rejuvenation– we’ll clean dust and finish with spray to protect them for your
Special cleaning– using a variety of procedures suitable to the material you can rest
comfortably that your shoes, bags and other leather goods are in the most capable hands.

How it Works

1. Drop off items in-store during working hours or call us to schedule out of hours
drop off.
2. Once we have received items, we will provide a comprehensive quote for your
approval and payment.
3. On completion of the restoration, we will package and return your items via instore
pick-up or arranged delivery.

Wear and tear

Re-heeling– everyone wears down the back corner of their heels and sometimes the damage reach the heel block. So, we replace the complete heel with a close-as-possible
Top lift replacement– everyone wears down the back corner of their heels. We make sure you get it replaced quickly before it damages the heel block.
Heel restoration and replacement– the end of the stiletto heel can wear down so fast, sometimes the heel itself scratches or snaps. This service replaces the tip, re-cover the heel in a material as close as possible to the original or even replace the whole heel.
Full and half resoling– Here, we either replace the outer sole from the bend in your foot to the toe for half resoling. Or resole from the toe all the way back to the heel block. It also includes a reheel for full resoling.
Hardware and parts replacement– Whether lost or damaged, we’ll recreate and attach new tassels, zip pullers etc. Our team can cleanup, fix or replace the original by sourcing new pieces to replace damaged or tarnished metal parts of your leather goods.
Stitching– stitching is everywhere on leather goods. When it breaks or gets loose, we are here to stitch them for you.


Stretching– Shoes are made to standard sizes, but naturally, our shoes may need a little help getting adjusted to our unique feet. Stretching can make the breaking in process faster and more tolerable. Note that we cannot stretch a shoe or boot a full size and we cannot overstretch shoes
without the risk of damage.
Padding & re-padding– We can cut and place a fresh piece of padding under your existing one to add to the insole cushion, help with fit, or to replace worn-out ones.
Strap length adjustment– what is your desired length? We’ll adjust the straps to your liking.
Punching belt holes– Adjust your belts to perfectly fit you by punching new holes. We ensure the newly punched holes are consistent with the style and look of your belt. New holes expose the inner leather, which may be a different colour to the exterior.

Reimagine and upcycle

Dyeing and colour change– Whether mandated by fading, damage or driven by a change of heart, we can recolour your shoes, bags and belts to black or brown. Some limitations do apply
for suede, patent and some other materials.

Refashion– Send your idea along with your items or ask our team to get creative to refashion
your shoes bags, etc.

Terms of Service

If it looks like one shoe in the pair needs repair, please still send both shoes.

Double check that any bag you are sending is completely empty

Demand your receipt for every payment you make.

Add your contact details to packages you send through third parties by labeling,
including a note or a business card.

We reserve the right to take and use pictures of products for publicity except
‘otherwise’ is explicitly stated by the client.

Out of hours and out of coverage area collections available upon req

For even the seemingly simple jobs and all others, our process begins with sourcing the replacement leather, hardware or other material. Sourcing of materials may take a few
days. Due to this our turnaround time is 7 working days. Please bring your items in early.

We do our best to source close matching materials. We try our best to ensure that the replacement material is as close a match to the original as possible but we do not guarantee the replacement will be an exact match.

. Due to price fluctuations all quotations are to be treated as preliminary quotations.